Xmas 2097 – Out Now!

The Night Before Xmas, 2097

It’s the night before Xmas, 2097!!!

The future’s a dangerous place, and when there’s a Grinch around, only Santa can help bring it down!

It is Christmas Eve, 2097, and no-one’s seen or heard from Santa for 40 years.

Suddenly, he appears, as if out of nowhere, at the site of an ‘incident’ in Angel City, heavily armed and looking for the creature known only as ‘The Grinch’.

The marines are taking control of the situation, but Santa has his own personal reasons for killing the Grinch…

This free comic for the iPhone/iPod is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for all those that have supported us in 2009!


*An original storyline by Quantum Sheep

*Easy to use interface to navigate through pages

*67 pages of action, horror and comedy!

*Grinch Vs. Elves and Grinch Vs. Marines action!

*See Santa as you’ve never seen him before!

*Mature content – some mild swearing included.

*Links to Quantum Sheep games

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