Singularity Drive: Prologue – Out Now!


Singularity Drive: Prologue

A side scrolling avoid ’em up!

In 2097, the experimental time ship ‘Singularity Drive’ was lost on its maiden voyage.

Trapped in the Vortex, can you change history and get the Singularity Drive back to the future?


Touch controls – simple to pick up and play

Quantum Energy – build up your Quantum Energy to set off your bombs

Time Bombs – slow down time to avoid incoming enemies.

Singularity Bombs – create a black hole to suck in enemies.

Pick up a pilgrim! These alternate universe versions of yourself have to be picked up or you lose energy. Handily, picking them up *restores* energy.

Infinity mode – how far forward can you travel in time?

Original sounds

How to play:

Press anywhere above or below your ship to move up and down.

Avoid hitting Time and Singularity Storms to build up Quantum Energy.

When you have enough Quantum Energy stored your bomb buttons will light up.

Press the bomb button to set off a bomb!

Pick up Pilgrims to increase your energy. Careful you don’t suck any of them in with a Singularity Bomb though!

Expect updates in the future!

If you’re having trouble running Singularity Drive Prologue, please switch your device off and on to purge memory.


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