Bugzone – Out Now!



Welcome to the Bugzone!

They’re Breaking through!!!
You’ve had a great idea for a game, but, inevitably, all software is riddled with Bugs…

The code is under attack, and it’s up to you to protect it!

Using your trusty, indestructible, auto-firing Debugger, destroy as many bugs as possible using vertical shots and the horizontal firewall. Different coloured enemies are destroyed using different shot types.

How to Play:
Move Left and Right using the left and right buttons at the edges of the screen.

Your ship at the bottom of the screen, “The Debugger”, auto-fires and cannot be destroyed.

Touch the central play area to alternate between the horizontal firewall and vertical shots.

Vertical Shots destroy Yellow coloured enemies
The Firewall destroys Green coloured enemies.


Stalker – Yellow – Can only be destroyed with vertical fire.
Pincer – Green – Can only be destroyed with horizontal fire.
Chameleon – Randomly changes colour as it appears, requiring you to adapt to its changes.
Rebooter – Green – ‘Reboots’ your fire – If their missiles hit you, your weapon type is switched.

Game Modes:

Debug (story mode):
Play through four levels to reach the release stage with as few bugs as possible. At the top of the screen is the amount of damage the bugs are doing to your code. Reduce this to zero by shooting bugs.
At the bottom of the screen is the number of bugs that have got past you, and the limit (maximum amount of bugs you can let through without losing the game).
Shoot as many bugs as you can to stop the bug limit being reached.

Time Attack:
Shoot as many bugs as you can in six minutes!
The timer counts down at the bottom of the screen.
Destroying a string of enemies will increase your Score Multiplier (The ‘M’ in the top right of the screen).
If a bug gets past you, the multiplier is decreased by one.
Keep the multiplier high to get a high score!

A little distraction thrown in as an extra.
*Bang the Bugs to make drum sounds.
*Watch the code in ‘code drops’.

New Toyz will be added in updates!

Please note – we have included the option to turn off sound and animations if you’re having any performance issues playing the game. Make sure, also, that you turn your device off then on again before playing 🙂

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