Black Cat Halloween – Out Now!



Black Cat Halloween – has been submitted to the app store and has just been approved for sale!

Warning: People that have used Black Cat Halloween have been known to drop the phone, or push it away from themselves in fright. Please be careful using this software, as we are not liable for any damage of any kind that may result from using this app! Please use responsibly!

Welcome to Black Cat Halloween.

Black Cat Halloween is a ‘joke’ app – it masquerades as a game, and indeed, you do ‘play’ it to an extent, and it does build up a very tense atmosphere that’s sure to get you on edge!

However, its sole purpose is to shock you and your friends!

The background story sets the scene. It is a dark and stormy night as you approach the house – the scene of many evil acts over the years – in search of the Black Cat. How long will you survive before it finds you???

Entering the house, you use your torch to try and find the Black Cat. Make sure you examine the screen very carefully, and have the volume up loud to hear sound clues… 😉

In addition to the main scare-athon, we’ve included 18 spooky sound effects for you to use as you wish! Touch a pumpkin on-screen to frighten the cat! Scare your mother! Horrify your friends!

Sounds include:

Witch Cackles

Insane laughter




Creature growls


We hope you enjoy scaring your friends with this app! Happy Halloween from all at Quantum Sheep!

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