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2 Minute Tank announced…

April 11, 2010

We’ve started work on yet ‘another’ new project – 2 Minute Tank.

The game is based off a template provided by the very kind Wayne Hawksworth – thank you sir!

Preliminary work has started, with a graphics change, upgraded weapons and new enemies already in place.

Each stage takes just two minutes to complete – hence the name! We hope it’ll be a fun diversion for people on its release (in about a month, our supercomputers are telling us…)

Stay tuned. The basics are already there, as in movement, control, score, and collision detection, so we’re hopeful of getting this one finished and out in time. You can look forward to varied enemies, a frantic shooting mechanic, shop upgrades for weapons and maybe more!

There’s also a scrolling shooter to look forward to, two or three high concept ‘art’ games, and so many more we really don’t know where to start!

Look for new games from Quantum Sheep soon – we’re getting there!

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