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New app due tomorrow

January 13, 2010

Unbearably Wonderful?

A new app from Quantum Sheep is due to hit the App Store tomorrow.

It’s an experimental piece that doesn’t do very much. Except, perhaps, make you think a bit.

Weird, eh?

If you have a Mac, you can play it here, for free, right now: http://gamesalad.com/game/play/33900

We’ll be charging for the iPhone version, as we’re planning some updates for it which won’t be available on the free web-based version. And sometimes you might want to take those thoughts with you. On the go. And take pictures of them.


We might even see if we can embed it into the product page. Who knows???

Yes, it was written while we were drunk. Yes, it probably shows. We like to think of it as ‘arty’. Maybe.

Expect more  in the next couple of days with a product page to go along with it!

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