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Singularity Drive Prologue- Second Update submitted

December 31, 2009

To our eternal embarrassment, a bug slipped into our first update! BAH!

We got right on it though, and have submitted a second update to Apple.

Hopefully it won’t take long. The last one took just 24 hours! Amazing!

In addition to fixing the bug, we took the opportunity to add to the storyline of Singularity Drive Prologue. Tap on ‘Story’ on the main menu and you’ll find a small comic to read! We hope you like it!

Version 1.2 includes the following features:

  • Fixed High Score bug.
  • Added to the story with a comic like narrative. Access this by tapping the ‘story’ option on the main screen. If you manage to complete the main game, click on ‘story’ to see what happens next!
  • Made bomb activation detection better.

Look for the update on the App store soon!

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