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Doing it for the kids…

December 10, 2009

We’re very proud to announce that our latest game, Scargo!, has been submitted to the app store!

We’re hoping for a pre-Christmas release, so look out for it soon!

Scargo! is a game primarily designed for kids. Its simple but fun mechanic will keep your little ones quiet (or, more realistically, shrieking excitedly) as they race their snails across the screen!

Why a kids game?

Well, a lot of our friends have settled down and had children. And we thought it’d be lovely to make a little game just for them!

But don’t worry, big kids can play too! And over 18s can bet amongst themselves on the winners of each race if they like!

Scargo! is also one of the few iPhone games that four people can use at the same time on one device! Multiplayer fun for friends and family!

It’s fun and simple, and we hope you like it!

But that’s not all. We’re hoping to get a Xmas themed project up before the big day too. It’s just not finished yet! Best of all, in the spirit of the holidays, it’ll be free! Look out for that soon, but don’t yell at us if it’s a few days late!

Check out more details on Scargo! on our product page, here.

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