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Squatters – What’s in a name?

October 12, 2009

Quite a lot, actually!

There’s an interesting article on the Atomic Antelope site (gotta love these cool animal names!).

Essentially, after doing a search on iTunes, the AA guys assumed that they’re game name was available as no game with the name ‘Twitch’ came up in the search.

When actually submitting to Apple, they were informed that the game name had already been taken.

This led to accusations of ‘App store squatting’.

I can understand the frustration! At least four of our games have had to have their names changed due to other titles being released with the same name.

But to say it’s a deliberate move on the part of ‘squatters’ is unfair I think. There’s no way of telling *who* actually reserved the name. Therefore there’s no real advantage to these squatters to taking these names.

Unless they’re developers that actually ARE making a game with that name attached!

We’ve recently taken steps to ensure our game names are safeguarded by uploading screenshots, icons and description to the app store, sans game. There are about 14 Quantum Sheep games to look forward to right now, and we’re proud of the names attached to each one!

It means we have one less thing to worry about, and also serves as a record of *when* these ideas were thought of, along with the name and look of the game.

The article was a timely reminder that you really can’t take anything for granted!

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