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Pushing the right buttons…

September 13, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The title’s a bit misleading of course, as there aren’t any real buttons for iPhone games, just the type that you make yourself on the screen, be they traditional on/off movement and fire buttons, or the very popular virtual joystick.

But do they work?
Kind of…
We’re including two control schemes in Bugzone (formerly ‘Bugz’ – name got taken before we could launch!).
The first offers the standard left/right movement buttons on the left of the screen, and a fire button on the right.
The second is a bit more of an experiment. Left button on the left, Right button on the right, tap the screen to fire.
It’ll be interesting to see which the testers prefer, or, indeed, if any others are suggested.
But regardless, Bugzon is a hard game to play, and that’s mainly due to the controls and the lack of tactile feedback from the screen.
On a Mac, using the keyboard, it’s not too hard. You can certainly beat it. On the iphone, I can only get half way through.
And thus, we have to hone the controls a little better for iPhone play. And tweak the enemy spawns so that you have a chance to breathe now and again!
It’s going to be a loooong week…
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